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The Secret Code

The Secret Code

The Divine Proportion reveals a number of simple patterns: It is seen in the seed patterns of fruits, the family tree of bees, the pyramids of Egypt, Gothic cathedrals, Renaissance paintings, the human body, shells ... the list is endless.

Mathematicians use the Greek symbol to represent the Divine Proportion and equate it to a number that is defined by the ratio (1 + 5) / 2 or 1.6180339.... Numbers do little, however, in describing this unique ratio that is found everywhere in nature and for 2500 years has been an aesthetic guide in art and architecture. 

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  •  Hardback | 208 pages
  •  190 x 210 x 223mm | 887g
  •  Cologne, Germany
  •  English
  •  3836507110
  •  9783836507110

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