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Black and White - Updated: The Singapore House 1898-1941

Black and White - Updated: The Singapore House 1898-1941


New UPDATED EDITION 2014 The unique Black and White house in Singapore is the most distinctive and imposing of the island's colonial architectural legacy. Surviving examples are testament to their physical and aesthetic durability - a unique tropical style with a colourful pedigree of architectural influences. In this updated edition, an additional chapter on residential life in these extraordinary homes adds depth and added information to an already comprehensive book. The colonials of yesteryear enjoyed a life of undisputed privilege - and even today, many of these beautiful houses continue to serve their original purpose as gracious family homes. Others have been adapted successfully as restaurants, offices and artisan's studios. Researched, written and photographed with flair, Black and White traces their evolution through the architects and practices that designed them - houses as relevant today as when they first appeared over 100 years ago.

  •  Hardback | 176 pages
  •  240 x 285 x 18mm
  •  Singapore, Singapore
  •  English
  •  9810903286
  •  9789810903282

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