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Building In Timber- Space Modules(Detail Praxis)

Building In Timber- Space Modules(Detail Praxis)


Ongoing urbanisation requires rapid, low-emission construction methods. Architects, investors and pol

iticians are on the hunt for housing solutions that are fast and cost-effective, yet sustainable and flexible.

Timber room modules meet all of these requirements: flexibility, variability, low construction and operating costs, short construction times thanks to high rates of prefabrication, a pleasant living environment, easy dismantling via detachable connections, excellent recyclability as well as a general acceptance by end users.

This practical volume offers an overview, from the planning process to assembly, while contemporary examples show that building with room modules facilitates heretofore unimagined, multi-layered and differentiated architectures.

  •  Hardback | 112 pages
  •  210 x 297 x 12.7mm | 724g
  •  Edition Detail
  •  Berlin, Germany
  •  English
  •  3955534944
  •  9783955534943

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