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Pantone@GP1601N Formula Guide Coated & Uncoated

Pantone@GP1601N Formula Guide Coated & Uncoated


  • Brand: Pantone
  • Product Code: GP1601N


Now with 112 New Colors! Perfect for selecting, specifying, matching and approving color.

Does This Guide Work For You?

Check out below:

Perfect For:

Graphic Designers, Packaging Designers, Print Designers, Pre-press Professionals, Printers, Screen Printers, Brand Owners, Web Designers, Color Evaluators - anyone specifying, proofing, comparing and approving spot color.

Use The Guide For The Following Projects:

Choosing and approving Spot Color for: Graphic Design Artwork, Logos, Branding/Style Guides, Printed Packaging, Printed Consumer Product Goods, Web Pages, Web Apps, Press Sheets on either coated or uncoated paper stock.

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