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101 Drawing Secrets

101 Drawing Secrets


 Bestselling author and drawing master Catherine V. Holmes distills a lifetime of drawing knowledge into 101 easy-to-grasp tips for artists who want to improve their drawing.

Artist extraordinaire Catherine V. Holmes has written numerous successful step-by-step drawing books.
101 Drawing Secrets takes a different spin on the traditional how-to-draw book. Busy artists who are short on time or just want to learn something new easily can dip into the book at any point and pick up a tip or trick they can immediately apply to their own artwork. From quick written tips, to illustrated examples, to simple step-by-step tutorials, the tips provide valuable insight into drawing for anyone wanting to take their art to the next level. Tips include: Draw from different points of view; Draw what you see, not what you think, by drawing upside down; Use a grid system to improve accuracy; Look at negative space to check accuracy; Break the subject down into simple shapes; Sketch daily to improve more quickly; Create an eye-catching focal point; Draw on unusual surfaces; Convert your reference image to black and white to simplify; Draw with one continuous line to strengthen your brain, eye, and hand coordination; Develop your signature style; Draw more realistic teeth; Focus on the process, not the product; Avoid smudging that can ruin your drawings; Crop your artwork to create a more compelling piece.

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