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BranD No.56 : Bang! BranD Band-Design for Music

BranD No.56 : Bang! BranD Band-Design for Music


 "Music is like a close friend who knows us best. Then who is the close friend of music? I think it is the visual art for music."
With the digitization of music records, the design for records has become more and more significant. People collect not only the music, but also its design. In fact, art and music are inseparable. The Fauvism master Henri Matisse said: "One tone is just a color; two tones are a chord, which is life." In the history of art, there are countless musical elements in famous paintings. Besides, having undergone countless music movements and design transformations, the visual design for music records has evolved into various forms from the initial pure art.

Product details

  •  Paperback | 200 pages
  •  225 x 295mm
  •  Mongkok, Hong Kong
  •  English
  •  9887406880
  •  9789887406884

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