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Figures from Life: Drawing with Style

Figures from Life: Drawing with Style

In this companion volume to The Anatomy of Style, which covers the foundational techniques of drawing the human figure from life, artist and teacher Patrick J. Jones explores the discipline’s more challenging aspects, both technical and philosophical.

In this highly detailed and innovative book, Patrick recreates his live figure drawing workshops and demonstrates, step-by-step, his unique methods for accelerating your life drawing skills and enhancing your creativity. The result is a masterclass in drawing the human figure with emotion and ease, and developing your individual style.

Key techniques and topics, including foreshortening, structure, gesture, rendering, and measuring with rhythm, are explained in a clear, concise, and conversational style. Also included are Patrick’s latest anatomy and drawing study sheets, which feature a wealth of essential drawing notes, style tips, and at-a-glance memory clues.

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