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Frankie #111

Frankie #111



issue 111 is here!

Our biggest issue of the year has arrived and it's a real beauty.

frankie’s mammoth summer bumper issue is here! And when we say mammoth, we really mean it. Issue 111 is big enough to house native floral wrapping paper from First Nations artist Janelle Burger (who is also our cover artist), adorable DIY bunting, our 2023 wall planner AND regular illustrated poster. Not to mention the truckload of stories! There’s plenty of handy stuff, like our film photography guide, tips for going to a party solo and easy-peasy summer recipes. There are deep chats about disability and sex, culture and identity, plus some not-so-deep essays on gross words in need of a rebrand. There’s the science of doppelg�ngers, cathartic punk, beach-ready towels and to top it all off, some heckin’ good soda reviews. Enjoy!

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