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Goldfish Princess Encyclopedia

An epoch-making book featuring goldfish transformed into kawaii princesses

All the goldfish princesses featured in this title are illustrated in watercolor by Kinuyo Iwata, who started illustrating goldfish princesses in 2011 after marrying her husband, who was working at an aquarium fish shop. Forty-five breeds are featured through the author’s personification concept, each accompanied by an explanation on its origin and history by Younosuke Kawada, the goldfish master, who has 40 years of experience with goldfish.

Each of the characters are personified to match the goldfish’s country of origin. Twenty-five extra illustrations and tutorials on how to illustrate a goldfish princess are also included as special extra content. Chapters are divided by goldfish type: Common Goldfish, Ryukin, Ranchu and Oranda. Find your own favorite goldfish princess.
Author : Kinuyo Iwata (Illustrator)  Younosuke Kawada (Supervisor)
Pages:136 pages (Full color)
Release Date : Aug/2019
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International

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