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Nostalgic Boy: The Art of NOEYEBROW

Nostalgic Boy: The Art of NOEYEBROW

100% pure Shonen illustrations

The illustrator NOEYEBROW, the master of “Shonen” illustration (of young boys under 18), is the artist everyone is talking about on social media and at COMITIA (the biggest Dojinshi event in Japan). This is NOEYEBROW’s first commercial art collection book featuring 38 original illustrations, including past works, some new original works, and original character introductions. The charming facial expressions of young “shonen” boys having fun, but also sometimes looking sentimental, on their summer vacation, at their secret base, or at mountains or beach side will definitely cause MOE crushes in some Anime/Manga fans, making this book a must-have collector’s item.

Pages:128 pages (Full color)
Release Date : Apr/2019
Language : Japanese
Publisher : PIE International

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