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Japanese Design Since 1945 : A Complete Sourcebook

Japanese Design Since 1945 : A Complete Sourcebook


Design in Japan is deeply rooted in the country's historic craft culture, profound understanding of materials and commitment to functionality. These qualities yield chairs, cups and other daily use items which are easy on the eye, comfortable in the hand and always do their job well. Even as mass manufacturing became widespread in the post-war period and cross-cultural exchanges began to take place with the West, Japan held fast to these core values and practices. This dedication has given rise to timeless objects of great beauty and utility as well as innovations in materials, form and technology.

  •  Paperback | 448 pages
  •  230 x 280 x 49mm | 2,440g
  •  London, United Kingdom
  •  English
  •  100 Illustrations, black and white; 605 Illustrations, color
  •  9780500022214

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