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1 Granary was started as a small online platform by students of Central Saint Martins – a bunch of excited designers who were making countless mistakes day in day out; eager to get some questions answered through dialogue with other creatives, and adamant to give exposure to the college’s talent. In today’s increasingly hyper-connected world, it has thus become inescapable and somewhat organic that we were able to unite students and graduates from four of the most acclaimed fashion schools in the world: Central Saint Martins and the Royal College of Art in London, Parsons in New York and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts’ Fashion Department in Antwerp. Our fourth issue marks the inauguration of this conjoined force, where each and every member aimed towards achieving a single goal: to share their knowledge, to support and inspire the new generation of creatives.

During this year we travelled a lot, and visited the colleges to meet with their tutors and students. We listened to their concerns, their ideas and dreams. We observed and tried to identify what we could help improve through 1 Granary, using our accrued awareness. We wanted to create a space where recent graduates felt their work was truly appreciated as well as protected – similar to how photographers and stylists can rely on their agencies. After all, the entirety of the fashion industry is predicated on its designers, yet they are the people who are seemingly least protected within it. Hence why this year we started ‘the graduate showroom’, where we represent sixty of our schools’ best talents, helping them assimilate into the world outside college walls.

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