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+81 Vol.75 Japan Graphics issue

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We have seen some instances where it seemed as if there was was distrust or doubt towards graphic design, so we can 't help but feel there is a sort of disillusionment with design in the world today. We at +81 have watched Over visual cultures in Japan and the rest of the world since it was like to devote an issue to not only reaffirming the masterfulness of Japanese graphic design by charting its course from the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games to today, but also Redefining the importance of graphic design by charting the course of its history in Japan from the postwar years to the present and the near future.
The issue kicks off by focusing on Yusaku Kamekura, the creative mind behind the look of the 1964 Tokyo Olympics, along with interviews of other masters of design responsible for making the 60s, 70s, and 80s so great. Of design scene in their relation behind some of them they have for future generations. In the second part of the issue we turn our attention to foreign graphic designers who have drawn great inspiration from Japanese graphic designers And their handiwork. These goals into the background of these designs, such as how they encounter them, why they are so impressed by these designs and how they influenced their own work, as well as their thoughts on Japanese graphic Design as a whole.See what makes them with progressive tense. See what makes them with tick with their fresh, unaffected commentary and creations born from unique ideas and innovative and oftentimes multifaceted approaches to design.
We hope our readers will enjoy exploring the differences, or perhaps similarities, in creative style, technique, sense, and mindset towards graphics design between the past masters starting the issue and the designers of today 's generation in the latter half.
In recent years, the mistrust of graphic design and the cases of the skeptical air prevailed one after another, so nowadays I can not help feeling "design" apart. Since its inauguration, since it is + 81 that has been looking at domestic as well as visual culture all over the world, once again, after the war, the Tokyo Olympic Games in 1964, and up to the present, verified the development process of graphic design in Japan . It not only reaffirms the supremacy of the Japanese graphic world, but also rewrites the importance of graphic design, one book covering the history of Japanese graphics, showing the path from postwar to present and near future .
In the beginning he published an interview to a master designer who has been building eras of the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s, while focusing on Yusaku Kamekura who worked on the creation at the Tokyo Olympics in 64 years. From the situation of the design world at that time, I heard stories about the production background of the masterpiece work and the message to the future. In the following second special feature, she covered overseas designers who had a great influence on Japanese graphic designer / design. The reason for meeting with the work, the reason for receiving the impact, about Japanese graphics captured in a bird's-eye view, and how the work has influenced his activities, we approach the background of a worldwide designer. Lastly we picked up 8 graphic designers who are active in progress. Starting from unique ideas, they introduce their unique visuals, born from their own expression methods and multilateral approaches, and deliver their fresh and sincere words.
In addition to being able to feel the differences or similarities such as style and feeling of style and feelings of graphics and design, the style and style of the big winding coloring the beginning of the book and the current generation designer at the end of the book, it can be enjoyed from various viewpoints by the reader ing.

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