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Anatomy Of Facial Expression

Anatomy Of Facial Expression


 Here's another incredible book by Uldis Zarins for those who want to expand their knowledge of anatomy, more specifically to learn more about facial expressions. The earlier book was called Anatomy for Sculptors: Understanding the Human Figure, which is also a terrific resource on anatomy.

What's so special about the book is it uses 3D renders of muscles overlaid onto photographs in an attempt to show you the muscle structure more clearly. This presentation style works very well. There are pictures of actual people, the 3D skull structure and muscles overlays, side by side comparisons with 3D renders, and also photos overlaid with the 3D renders.

All the muscle groups are carefully differentiated from one another and labeled. The text also explains how muscles work, and there are little arrows that show you how they move. For example, it also explains why aging people have protruding chins and shows you the structure of their head.

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