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Ancient Egyptian Magic : A Hands-on Guide

Ancient Egyptian Magic : A Hands-on Guide


 In the ancient world the magicians of Egypt were considered the best. But was magic harmless fun, heartfelt hope, or something darker? Whether you needed a love charm, a chat with your dead wife, or the ability to fly like a bird, an Egyptian magician had just the thing. Christina Riggs explores how the Egyptians thought about magic, who performed it and why, and also helps readers understand why we've come to think of ancient Egypt in such a mystical, magical way in the first place.

  •  Hardback | 208 pages
  •  129 x 198 x 22.86mm | 440g
  •  London, United Kingdom
  •  English
  •  67 Illustrations, black and white
  •  0500052123
  •  9780500052129

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