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Art Against Despair : pictures to restore hope

Art Against Despair : pictures to restore hope


 One of the most unexpectedly useful things we can do when we're feeling glum or out of sorts is to look at pictures. The best works of art can lift our spirits, remind us of what we love and return perspective to our situation. A few moments in front of the right picture can rescue us.

This is a collection of 100 of the world's most consoling and uplifting images, accompanied by small essays that talk about the works in a way that offers us comfort and inspiration. The images in the book range wildly across time and space: from ancient to modern art, east to west, north to south, taking in photography, painting, abstract and figurative art. All the images have been carefully chosen to help us with a particular problem we might face: a broken heart, a difficulty at work, the meanness of others, the challenges of family and friends

We're invited to look at art with unusual depth and then find our way towards new hope and courage.

This is a portable museum dedicated to beauty and consolation, a unique book about art which is also about psychology and healing: a true piece of art therapy.

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  •  Hardback | 208 pages
  •  180 x 246 x 22.86mm | 771.11g
  •  United Kingdom
  •  English
  •  1912891905
  •  9781912891900

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