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Benji Knewman Volume 13 Summer 2021

Benji Knewman Volume 13 Summer 2021


 In this issue:

It’s been a year of magical thinking.

My mom at some point understood that my relationship with this woman had become “unhealthy”, so to speak. And then she said, “But you do understand that you will have to lick cunt?!” “Good thing you told me, Mom. It wouldn’t have occurred to me, I thought we’d just hold hands!”

“I left Riga that winter on a pilgrimage to Lake Sevan, where the periscope-like cafe front of the Writers’ Resort faces out onto choppy waters. The story behind this site is full of longing and absence, and I felt it all the more because I’d left someone in Riga, knowing, though not admitting to myself, that things were coming to an end.”

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