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Issue #18 of the brilliant Boneshaker comes streaming into the shop with its head over the handlebars and its bum in the air. This issue is full of inspirational people doing incredible things. We meet the cyclists collecting bikes to distribute to kids in Lesotho, a group of single gear enthusiasts taking a trip North from Warsaw to Helsinki and a cycling enthusiast whose obsession with African bikes has lead to him making a documentary about them. Elsewhere there are nostalgic reminiscences about Spokey Dokes, an insight into being a member of Glow, one of Britain’s biggest all-female cycling teams and a great photo article which looks at how bikes are used and re-purposed across the globe.


‘A sideways look at cycling’ runs the tagline that runs along this magazine’s spine, and that sums up this excellent cycling magazine beautifully. Stories of a life spent on two wheels from the makers, explorers, athletes, collectives, amateurs and entrepreneurs of the cycling world. Personal stories, epic illustrations and photographs, and bikes… lots of bikes.


The story of Simon Clode’s attempt to buy a Flying Pigeon bike from the suppliers in China and ride it back to his base 140 kms away was a great bit of writing and made me laugh out loud. Take this description of setting off on an icy road on the bike in question –  “I weaved and wiggled around with all the self-confidence of a man washing a large courgette by hand.”