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Brand # 26 Designer & Breakfast

Brand # 26 Designer & Breakfast


It is known to all that each issue of BranD magazine shares great designs from around the globe. But in fact, we care more about what’ s behind the design—the creators. The designers’ lifestyle, life attitude, thoughts and ideas fascinate us, and we’ re interested in how they turn their daily life into inspirational designs. This issue starts with designer’ s everyday life.
We believe that creativity is everywhere and life itself is the source. We invite you to experience designers’ love towards food, music and sports, and how this sort of positive energy brings them inspirations. There are designers who call themselves foodies, who love to enjoy all kinds of great food, and get inspired with every bite they take; designers who are music fevers have their light-bulb moments while indulging themselves in melodies; and also designer who respects atheletes’ wisdom in fencing and restraint in ping pong, sharing their passion and perseverance. All their creative positive energy originates from life!

ISSN        2226-6542
ISBN        978-988-14704-5-4
PUBLISHER   SendPoints
BINDING     Softcover
TRIM SIZE    225 x 295mm
PAGES       200
LANGUAGE   English/English-Chinese

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