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Brand#29 Designer And Print 1

Brand#29 Designer And Print 1


Every designer is a creative mind who wishes their design can be turned into actual products, and printing for them, is a most commonly-used way. This time let’s talk about things related to print.

In the print world, there is a profession called the printer, who are the practitioner and creator of all the print processes and techniques. From printing methods to techniques, colours to materials, processes to finished pieces, BranD editors try to present designers the most valuable technical knowledge as well as printed products with a warm touch, through discussing with the printers in a thorough way.

In this issue, BranD digs deep into the world of print, exploring print finishes including foil stamping, embossing and debossing, cutting and engraving. With working mechanism of print techniques explained, printing process revealed and interactions with printers presented, you are given a chance to know the essence of print comprehensively. However, the world of print is more than that and this issue offers you the first intimate contact with it. Please stay tuned for more intriguing stories about print in our next issue.

ISSN  2226-6542
ISBN  978-988-77573-1-3 
BINDING  Softcover
TRIM SIZE  225 x 295mm
PAGES  200
LANGUAGE  English/English-Chinese

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