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BranD Issue 42: Nice to Meet Art

BranD Issue 42: Nice to Meet Art


BranD Magazine is tailored for both established and emerging Design professionals around the world.

In issue 42:

BranD have been exploring design before this issue. Actually design and art are two different concepts. Design will sublimate to artwork with a certain extent, but a design is more about solving problems or meeting demands, which is full of indelible commerciality. Therefore, a good design is a carrier for information, and a method of communication, no matter how wonderful it is.

Must-buy Reasons:

1. Abundant artworks and interviews of big shots in art circle: Yayoi Kusama, Takashi Murakami and Tadanori Yokoo, etc.

2. A huge gift poster;

3. Noctilucent cover, gleaming with 3 colours after being irradiated in the daytime;

4. Artworks of famous Chinese designer Hai Huang are included; 5. Two different versions of covers with works from German artist Marc Majewski.

200 pages
225 x 295 mm.
ISBN 9789887895398

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