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Bridge: The Architecture Of Connection

Bridge: The Architecture Of Connection


 This title is an analysis of why bridges continue to be a source of interest, illustrated by a wide array of examples. Since the first moment that humans looked across to the other side of a stretch of water, we have been fascinated with bridges and their power to bring people together. Bridges have a special significance both for architects and the general public. They can evoke exhilaration, triumph and fear. In over 200 colour pages, this book attempts to find out why. The Millennium Bridge in London, designed by Norman Foster and closed within days of first being opened in 2000 due to its high level of movement, is one of the key case studies in the book. Also featured in depth are the Brooklyn Bridge, New York, which has carried millions of people over the water to Manhattan during its 120 year life; and the Mostar bridge in Bosnia, a victim of the war in 1993 and tragically bombed out of existance. "Bridge" also includes studies of some of the world's most striking and innovative structures, from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the new Oresund Bridge between Denmark and Sweden.
It featurs interviews with architechs, engineers and visionaries who have devoted their lives to building bridges, as well as with the people who use thm every day.

  •  Paperback | 200 pages
  •  230 x 290 x 16mm | 950g
  •  August/Birkhauser
  •  London, United Kingdom
  •  English
  •  180 colour & 40 b&w illustrations
  •  3764366435
  •  9783764366438

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