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Cartography Magazine Issue 7

Cartography Magazine Issue 7

For this seventh edition Cartography visits Ethiopia, Tuscany and Corsica, New York City.
Founded in 2016 by Paola Corini and Luca De Santis, the project is devoted to travel culture. The oversize magazine is published from Milan, Italy in English/Italian and distributed all around the world.
“Travel is the best way to understand the world".

The photographers Bea De Giacomo, Luca De Santis, Stephen Gill, Adrianna Glaviano, Ioulex, Keisuke Otobe and Alice Schillaci, and the authors Berhane Asfaw, Leonardo Caffo, Wade Davis, Achille Filipponi, Amy Hempel, Alex Kalman, Will Jones, Pierluigi Ledda, Matteo Milaneschi, Temesgen Naji, Valentina Pigmei, Sam Reiss, Aldo Spinelli and Laura Taccari contributed to the issue.

Issue No.7 is including a new booklet – 32 pages of travel tips (hotels, food, shops, maps, culture, art) for the three destinations, edited by Cartography.

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