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City of Refugees : A Real Utopia

City of Refugees : A Real Utopia


 Where should they go? 70 million displaced refugees and asylum seekers with no passport, no money, and no worldly goods. In 380 B.C. Plato wrote about the 'Ideal City', but it wasn't until 1516 AD that Sir Thomas More invented the word, 'Utopia', translated from Greek as 'good place', that is in need of a new, contemporary interpretation.

It is within the framework of utopia that the City of Refugees represents a place that transcends the fate of the refugee and the reason they were torn from their homeland and not given safe haven fleeing their country. It is a concept for a new city that welcomes these optimistic people looking for a place to be free from oppression.

  •  Hardback | 412 pages
  •  203 x 254 x 38.1mm | 1,927.77g
  •  San Rafael, United States
  •  English
  •  350 colour
  •  1943532842
  •  9781943532841

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