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Flow Issue 37

Flow Issue 37

  • Making sense of it all: in a world that seems increasingly insecure and in which our lives and roles are continually in flux, journalist Annemiek Leclaire explores ways on how to get a grip and make life more manageable.
  • Digital pals: for most of human history, the size of one’s social network was limited by geography. But nowadays things are different, and our web of friends and family is much more far-flung. Tammy Strobel looks at the positive effects the digital era has on creating and nurturing our friendships.
  • What seclusion brings you: while living in lockdown, journalist Otje van der Lelij discovered the benefits of seclusion: how it gives you more self-knowledge and time for things that really matter.

Why this issue is looking a bit different (and has 24 extra pages)

This issue of Flow does not include the range of different papers and the separate paper extras that you’re used to. Unfortunately, the global COVID-19 pandemic has caused a number of logistic challenges and sourcing delays that have resulted in us being unable to produce, transport and distribute this issue in the usual way. Instead of the different kinds of paper and the separate paper extras, however, we have added 24 extra pages to this edition, including six coloring pages and eleven mini posters you can cut out.

Product specifications:

Number of pages: 164
Product size: 28x22,5cm
Binding: Glued
Language: English

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