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Design 360 #85 : Nightlife

Design 360 #85 : Nightlife

No.85  Design Nightlife 

Where there is music, there is visual. Music as an important field of youth culture, its related visual design is where imagination and creativity grow most wildly. Today, livehouses and clubs are becoming more popular as people choose their favourite places to go at night. For many, the pleasure brought by live music and dancing is as inspirational as the underground music and visual. In an era dominated by image, nice sound comes with good looking. The way club music is presented not only involves the innovation of sound but also of visual. Together they construct the aesthetic system and taste unanimously recognised by fans.

This issue focuses on club music and design. We invited 7 Design-clubbers to form the Line-up. Music and design being indispensable to their lives, all of them are club lovers and some are even club owners themselves. Similar to club music, graphic design in the club is usually disctintive from the mainstream and looks carefree — which is rare — that they only concern whether it feels right. Such design is often personal: the spiritual communication of the designer and musician outweighs the function of design. It is this freedom and wilfulness that have given birth to various visual experiments, which keeps surprising us even in the era of image explosion.

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