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Design 360  # 86 : Gravity

Design 360 # 86 : Gravity

No.86 Individual Gravity 
Since the emergence of design, design organizations have had various forms. With the development so far, a lot of individual design studios are thriving with numerous outstanding skills from design, curating, installation to coding as well as fewer human resources.

Under the influence of the Internet and globalization, the stability of occupations has been significantly weakened, and new demands bring about new working methods. “Studios” thus have developed different forms. Among them, “collective” has become a high-frequency word in the creative field, which refers to a spontaneously formed micro collaborative network with a high degree of division of labor. This network gathers designs from all over the world and seeks the most suitable creative person for each project. Compared with large design firms, independent studios often have a different scene: a freer state, a more flexible partnership, a larger creative space, and a more equal work structure.

With the shutdown of part of social functions caused by the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, it seems to have a more unique meaning to mention individual capacity at this time. The studios we interviewed this time have been involved in remote and mobile working for a long time. They provide us with other aspects of the thinking and logic about organization through sharing their own perceptions of this working method and different tools.


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