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Designing with People and not for just People: A Publication by P!D

Designing with People and not for just People: A Publication by P!D


Authors: Mizah Rahman & Jan Lim
Editor: Justin Zhuang of In Plain Words
Book Designer: Vikas Kailankaje of studiovbk In recent times, citizen engagement and community participation have become key focal points. Singapore and many other cities recognise their growing importance, but have also encountered many concomitant challenges. What does participation mean, particularly for a city like Singapore, and how do people from all walks of life perceive it? In the sphere of design and planning, how might we participate more meaningfully in creating solutions for our built environment?.

With these questions in mind, Participate in Design (P!D) embarked on a research-in-action project to understand how we might enable everyday citizens in shaping the built environment. While there are many good examples of participatory design and planning around the world, P!D elected to study, in addition to Singapore, New York City and Copenhagen in greater detail. As both New York City and Copenhagen are culturally and geographically very distinct from each other and from Singapore, a comparative study of these three cities would offer new perspectives on participatory practices.

The findings and insights from the research are presented in Designing With People and Not Just for People. In this book, they share their experiences in involving regular citizens in designing the everyday spaces of Singapore, as well as the participatory design framework that they have developed through research and projects in neighbourhoods across Singapore.

165 x 240 mm
212 pages
ISBN: 9789811112423

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