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Domus No.1069 Jun 2022

Domus No.1069 Jun 2022


 The June issue of Domus 1069 focuses on the search for sincerity in architectural design. Guest Editor 2022 Jean Nouvel, in his Editorial, talks about how each of us is able to enrich the world with our own ideas and identities: the result of the sum of our life experiences. “It is a generous, often surprising, inventive, and exciting process when the nuance ‘brings two dreams together and the earth with the sky. I like these adventurers who transport and combine mysteries, these citizens of the world who can enrich it”.

This is followed in the Essays by Mohammad al-Asad, founder of the Center for the Study of the Built Environment in Amman, who dedicates his research to modern and contemporary Islamic architecture identity. Next a reflection by David Robson on Geoffrey Bawa, an architect who worked mainly in what was then the British crown colony of Ceylon. Bawa realized that tropical modernism, neglecting culture and context, would not be able to adapt to the humid heat of the setting.

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