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Drawing: A Studio Guide Paperback

Drawing: A Studio Guide Paperback

"Drawing is a way of thinking about space," writes Lu Bro. "It requires the same careful ordering of assumptions, evidence, and logic to be found in any good thinking, all the while coexisting with spontaneous creative leaps."
Artist and teacher Lu Bro keeps the goals of order and creativity at the forefront while taking students through all of the major drawing methods. Early in the book, she introduces the foundation of the contour line. Then, using student exercises and drawings by the masters as examples, she explains how to master such important aspects of drawing as gesture, value, and linear perspective.
Black-and-white and color reproductions of images ranging from prehistoric cave paintings to works by Rembrandt to Magritte serve as illustrations of drawing methods. The numerous exercises are interdependent and cumulative, and the lessons on perspective are uncomplicated and form a comprehensive introduction in terms of linear perspective.

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