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E-flux Journal - What Is Contemporary Art?

E-flux Journal - What Is Contemporary Art?


 This book began as a two-part issue of e-flux journal devoted to the question: What is contemporary art? First, and most obviously: why is this question not asked? That is to say, why do we simply leave it to hover in the shadow of attempts at critical summation in the grand tradition of twentieth-century artistic movements? A single hegemonic "ism" has replaced clearly distinguishable movements and grand narratives. But what exactly does it mean to be working under the auspices of this singular ism?

  •  Paperback | 216 pages
  •  111 x 181 x 18mm | 198g
  •  New York, United States
  •  English
  •  24 B&W ILLUS.
  •  1934105104
  •  9781934105108

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