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East learn from the West


This product is a limited edition of 1500, with artist’s signature and seal. Each package contains 1 book and 20 printings.

Batman and Superman portrayed as fierce Terracotta Warriors? While such a
combination may seem a bit random to some, they are a perfect fit in the eyes of
Chinese painter Zhang Wang.

In his ‘From East to West ’series, Zhang Wang wants to illustrate the link between
east and western culture. Thus he created 20 superhero characters inspired by
Chinese Cultures from Qin Dynasty(221BC-206BC) to Qing Dynasty(1644-1912) and by
the most well-knows western superheros. For instance, in his digital paintings, Batman
and Superman, though still retaining certain recognizable characteristics such as a
black costume or red cape, are transformed - they now wear armor and boots worn
by soldiers during the Qin Dynasty (221BC-206BC)

While his style is with humor, his drawing skills is strictly traditional. However, he chooses to practice these traditional ink-painting skills on his iPad instead of Xuan rice paper.Inspired by his mixed style, this art book is designed with a first impression of opening
up a traditional Chinese Art collection such as traditional binding style and cover
box. But when you see the paintings inside the book, you will be stunned

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