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Ecopuncture - Transforming Architecture and Urbanism In Asia Paperback

Ecopuncture - Transforming Architecture and Urbanism In Asia Paperback


About the book
There is a pressing need to integrate the blue, green and grey; to merge water, greenery and built elements in new ways that create robust socio-ecological systems. Asia is witnessing a staggering loss of human, social and natural capitals, partly due to the way we build. The problem isn't that we aren't Green enough; it's that Green may be the right answer to the wrong question. Should we stay the course and do less harm? Or is there a need now, faced with a pressing global crisis of ecology and climate, to do good; to heal, repair, and regenerate? Ecopuncture: Transforming Architecture and Urbanism in Asia returns to the heart of the sustainability question: how to forge Human-Nature partnerships, and restore our place in the natural world. What's good for the planet, it turns out, is beautiful and profitable in more ways than we had imagined.

Nirmal Kishnani has created an extraordinary manifesto for the transformation of human settlements and the pulsing, generous, living world that we call nature. With sensitivity, brilliance, and knowledge of current realities, Ecopuncture proposes and demonstrates the possibilities inherent in a systemic approach to our buildings and cities, integrating the needs of humanity and nature into tapestries of innovative design. A critically important book that comes at a crucial turning point in the life of the planet.”

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