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Flow Love & Life

Flow Love & Life


This Special is an ode to friends, family, and other loved ones. Even if our relationships with them can sometimes get a bit complicated, we are lucky to have people who are always there for us and with whom we share our most cherished moments. And for managing those times when things feel a little bumpy, we have included advice from philosophers, psychologists and other experts.

Flow Life & Love is great to read for yourself, or to give to someone else as a gift. As well as insights about the relationships in our lives – and about how to navigate the tricky bits – we have also included many paper goodies:

  • Posters by artists and illustrators on the theme of friendship
  • A friendship booklet
  • A booklet of 36 questions to stimulate a deep conversation (or even fall in love)
  • Wrapping paper you can use for passing on gifts that no longer suit you.

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