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Flyer Design to Attract People (Japanese and Multilingual Edition)

This is the second edition of Flyer Design: Ideas to Attract Peopleoriginally published in 2014 by BNN. Flyers are the small printed materials used to promote or advertise many kinds of events; they continue to be used as a communication tool even now as the internet and social media are in use nearly everywhere. This collection of 130 workswith contributions from Jujiro Maki, Gento Matsumoto, Hisaki Matsumoto, mamagoto, Ryu Mieno, Naoko Mizota, Shoko Mitsuma, Daishiro Mori, YASUTOMI Corporation, Amane Yamamoto, yusuke iseda design, Toshinori Yonemura, Asuka Watanabe and WALTZ among many othersis an assortment of flyers that have the power to deliver a message, spread the word, and gather people. The collection is organized into five sections: Exhibitions, Stage, Movie, Music Event, Festival and Other Events. This book also can be used an idea source and a trend reference.

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