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Frankie #105

Frankie #105


 Remember to bend from the hips and knees when you pick up this issue­, because it’s a hefty one! Our summer bumper contains a truckload of bonus goodies, including a special comics-filled zine; tear-out gift cards (just in time for Chrissie); all-in-one letter and envelope paper; a DIY chatterbox by artist Georgia Perry; plus, our annual giant wall planner. Phew!

You’ll also find plenty of rad reads to keep you company over the holidays: we catch up with British punk outfit Wet Leg, meet some clever folks doing uniquely Australian things around the world, and learn what it’s like to work at a Japanese maid café. A Paralympian and her best pal shoot the breeze about life with a disability, two writers eat their body weight in potatoes (all in the name of journalism), and long-time activists share their wisdom. Then there’s a trip to Egypt, a scrummy mango trifle recipe, pretty earrings (modelled by 20th-century lasses), tips for gardening like a nonno, and all your favourite chuckle-worthy rants and curious art projects. Enjoy!

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