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Gadgetry Shirow Miwa Design Archives (Updated English Edition)

Gadgetry Shirow Miwa Design Archives (Updated English Edition)

The real-life fantasy world discovered by Mysterious solo brigade Shimizu Daisuke the inhabitant of online games.

Every time a child watches animation, plays a role playing game, or reads fantasy novels, he imagines that he actually exists in the world of those movies, games, or books and deserves to be part of it. This kind of excitement that people experienced in their childhood remains in their heart even when they become adults. This book proves that those fantasy worlds do not exist only in our imagination but actually exist in our real world: a huge tree in an enchanted forest, a witch’s magic shop, lodging where you can save your playing data, the remains of an ancient city that waits the last boss…etc.
Mysterious solo brigade Shimizu Daisuke, the author of this book, has been an inhabitant of the world of online games. His ability to captures the real-life scenery as if it were fantasy world is created by insatiable desire for exploration of imaginary worlds in real-life. Shimizu Daisuke travels all over the world looking for thrilling moments in which he can feel his fantasy world as an actual place.
You will surely be fascinated experiencing real-life fantasy worlds through Shimizu Daisuke’s eyes. Perhaps you’ll start looking for your own?
Author : Mysterious solo brigade Shimizu Daisuke
Size:182 × 257 mm
Pages:144 pages
Release Date : Dec/2019
Language : Japanese, some English
Publisher : PIE International

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