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Glossary Of Undisciplined Design

Glossary Of Undisciplined Design


 A feminist unpacking of the field of graphic design, including visual essays, poems, speculative tales and more

D for Dummy Woman, M for Monster's Tools, S for Style Defense, U for Unstable Signs--The Glossary of Undisciplined Design presents a feminist unpacking of the field of graphic design, offering undisciplinarity as the solution to a discipline that has historically featured a multitude of dogmatic rules, discriminatory structures and a particularly one-sided canon. Carried by a decidedly fragmentary and collective backbone, The Glossary of Undisciplined Design combines a multitude of theories and narratives of varying densities and forms, from visual essay, to hands-on experiment, to interview or advertorial, to poem, to speculative tale and scholarly writing. With around 55 contributions by 20 international designers, activists, educators and theorists, the handbook progresses alphabetically, exploring role models, tools and methods of dissent within a colorful and graphic handbook, featuring qualities akin to those of an artist's zine.

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