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Greek Myths

Greek Myths


 The Greek myths are timeless classics, whose scenes and figures have captivated us since ancient times. The gods and heroes of these legends hold up a mirror to the human condition, embodying universal characteristics and truths - whether it be the courage of Perseus, the greed of Midas, the vaulting ambition of Icarus, the vengeance of Medea, or the hubris of Niobe. These traits are the basis for immortal dramas and rich narratives, as profound as they are entertaining, which form the bedrock of our culture and literature today and remain relevant and fascinating for all readers, young and old alike.

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  •  Hardback | 336 pages
  •  205 x 256 x 33.02mm | 1,443g
  •  Cologne, Germany
  •  English
  •  3836584727
  •  9783836584722

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