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Highsnobiety Magazine Issue 13

Highsnobiety Magazine Issue 13


Over the past 10+ years at Highsnobiety, we’ve experienced massive growth and change first hand, and are still consistently in awe of how quickly our world continues to develop. With mobile technology and social media becoming more firmly entrenched in our daily lives, at times it can feel as though a collective affinity for “likes” and followers is, in some ways, homogenizing culture. Yet the internet has also allowed us to hyper-focus our interests, however niche they may be, allowing the cream to rise to the top infinitely quicker.

From an upstart brand creating a cult following through nothing more than a well curated Instagram account, to a relatively unknown artist uploading a track that turns into a number one hit – look no further than 19-year-old Brooklyn wordsmith Desiigner, featured in this issue, for proof – global connectivity has bolstered entrepreneurship, enabling individuals to create their own audiences and scenes outside the boundaries or confines of any traditional “industry” structure. And that makes for an incredibly inspiring time to be involved in this world.

The theme of Highsnobiety Magazine Issue 13 is Independence. At its core, independence is about self-reliance, individualism and thinking for oneself. Embodying so many facets of our culture, we chose four distinct cover subjects for the issue – a rapper, a pop star, a fashion designer and an actor turned streetwear entrepreneur – all of whom exemplify the issue’s theme in their own way.

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