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It’s a Passion Thing, Issue 2

It’s a Passion Thing, Issue 2


A journal about creating a style of life with passion.
We want to present stories about people who make their ideas into tangible, long-lasting reality – people that make things happen. We present behind-the-scenes moments and honest interviews. We want to show passion in all its weird and different forms and outcomes. And we want to highlight ways of doing things a little differently.

In this issue:

In the second issue we talked to:

  • REBEKKA REINHARD — A philosopher’s take on passion as power
  • LAIA AGUILAR — The creative mind behind kidswear brand Animal Observatory on how to get everything under one roof
  • GEMMA BARTON — Academic, educator & author on how to find your career path
  • ROBERTS RURANS — From design studio to illustrator and artist
  • JESSE&JAMIE FRIEDBERG — Two sisters who dropped out of university to follow their gourmet dreams
  • HOMEGIRLS — A DJ and a journalist teaming up to create a podcast that goes beyond hip hop
  • CLAYGROUND — About building a ceramic coworking space
  • BLUMENBUND — What you can make out of one field of flowers
  • HOMAGE BREWING — Changing careers for the love for beer
  • AOIRO — Finding a niche within a niche: olfactory design

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