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Jewel Changi Airport

Jewel Changi Airport



Product Description


  • Safdie Architects illuminate the process of building the new central connector between the existing airport terminals at Singapore Changi Airport
  • Includes detailed diagrams of the building's conceptual design, which is based on the geometry of a torus (in reference to a revolution generated by a revolving circle in a three-dimensional space)
  • Incisive texts provide viewpoints on how the project works sustainably and innovatively, with a composition of lifestyle/retail amenity, cultural attraction, and transportation infrastructure
Jewel Changi Airport documents the creation of a remarkable addition to one of the world's premier airports. The sinuous, faceted glass Jewel serves as Singapore's new gateway to the world, and redefines what an airport can be. Brimming with terraced plantings, lush valleys, floating bridges, art installations, shops, restaurants, and a central waterfall, Jewel is a new type of destination: part public garden and part shopping and entertainment complex. Through photos, drawings, ephemera, essays, and interviews, the

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