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Letter From Taipei ( Chinese Edition)

Letter From Taipei ( Chinese Edition)


 Introduction of works

A drop of water splashed randomly by history is an endless ocean that has isolated the family for half a century.

A letter from Taipei in 1994 reconnected the two sides of this vast ocean.

*"Tropical Monsoon Vol.3"-Author of "Fa Shi Ji"<br>
*The first feature-length graphic novel of a fish that travels the world with a ball pen<br>
*Family memories spanning four generations, from China's rural land reform to the opening of cross-strait family visits

This book is the life story of an ordinary old lady in an ordinary small town in China. She is a tear that was drowned in the great age, small but true. memory spanning more than 70 years, telling the endless reincarnation of his ancestors and the times.

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