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Logoarchive Extra Issue: Play

Logoarchive Extra Issue: Play


LogoArchive launches its most pLAyfuL issue to date. Designed by Jim Sutherland, Studio Sutherl&, and featuring a story by poet and creative Director Tom Sharp, this latest LogoArchive Extra Issue presents an enquiry into work and play, and offers a new way to look at old things.

Using a unique perforated grid the LogoArchive booklet becomes an involving series of games that seek to evoke in the reader aspects or work (regulated and goal-orientated) and play (intuitive and self-directed).

Please note, this zine is designed to be deconstructed and played with. If you have an aversion to tearing up print, please get two copies ;)

Game 1. “Work”
Find the pairs. Fold and tear the booklet into cards. Find eight logos in amongst the cards. Then mix them up again and pair up the next eight. There are four sets of eight logos to find.

Game 2. “Play”
Create chimeras! In the second game, there are no rules, free your imagination and create unexpected chimera’s. Post your best #logochimera and tag @logoarchive to be featured on LogoArchive stories.

Within the booklet there are a further two games to play, a cover puzzle and typographic puzzle. Spell out the words of this issue, then make your own!

Part story, part parable, part marine biology text, "How the silly Sea Squirt lost its brain: Journal of Play Studies Vol II, 38-45" written by Tom Sharp offers the key to understanding the proposal of this issue.


Pages: 12pp
Print: Indigo White (x5)
Finish: Perforation
Binding: White Staples
Paper: 135gsm Colorplan Royal Blue

Pages: 4pp
Print: CMYK
Finish: Perforation
Paper: 135gsm Colorplan Adriatic

Paper: 135gsm Colorplan Marrs Green
Finish: White (x5)


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