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Lost Issue Eight

Lost Issue Eight


 Issue Eight is 17.5cmx24cm, 296 pages, bilingual (English & Chinese) and features 10 personal travel stories.

Featured stories:
Alex Gray returns to his hometown in Suffolk to gather his thoughts and take shelter during the pandemic in “A Quiet Edge of England”.

Cheney Chu shares the strange but also heartwarming adventures he had during his first ever trip to Tokyo all by himself in “Strange Yet Familiar”.

Manuela Mitevova & Claudio Silva discover the essence of emptiness when they arrive at the semi-desert of Azerbaijan in “In Search Of The Empty”.

Michael Guo ponders over the core of Shanxi during his visit to the province in “The Weight of Shanxi”.

Phoebe Wu goes on a trip to check out Mongolia, but loses her wallet and gets drunk on home-made vodka in “Buuz & Snooze”.

Issue Eight stories:
A Quiet Edge Of England / A Strong Wind / Strange Yet Familiar / Doors In The Rainforest / In Search Of The Empty / The Weight Of Shanxi / Over And Under The Mantle Of The Himalayas / Lost Hours / A Telescope Lens / Buuz & Snooze

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