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Migrant Journal No. 6 : Foreign Agents

Migrant Journal No. 6 : Foreign Agents


Migrant subjects create migrant imaginaries. Ideas, customs, technologies and expressive forms circulate alongside mobile communities and, in so doing, they mutate, reconfigure and affect surrounding cultures. The very notion of culture is inseparable from these processes of diffusion, friction, transformation and creolization. When the journeys and experiences of people on the move are documented and represented, migration itself becomes the subject of culture. Rituals and institutions, knowledge and identities, phonemes, pigments and pixels, notions of taste, class, gender or ethnicity migrate across time and space at any given epoch. Today, the advent of machine learning and algorithmic technologies means that many of these migrations occur without being mediated, or even perceived, by humans.

In 'FOREIGN AGENTS', the sixth and final issue of MIGRANT JOURNAL, you will follow the journeys of Diamond Painting across China, the real-life utopia of Esperanto, the bedazzled domes of Jerusalem and the digital landscapes of Poland, an exploration of Freud's 'uncanny' and Borges's labyrinths, but also buddae jjigae and fusion-style Polish carp among many other stories. 



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