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Mika Ninagawa - Into Fiction/Reality

Mika Ninagawa - Into Fiction/Reality

This fascinating photography collection contains carefully selected pieces from four of Ninagawa's photography collections, such as Everlasting flowersPortraits of the timeThe days were beautiful, and trans-kyoto.

Her stunning works are categorized in 8 themes; which are Sakura, Everlasting Flowers, The days were beautiful, PLANT A TREE, Self-image, trans-kyoto, Portraits of the time, INTO FICTION?REALITY. This book also includes 3 special interviews with curators of art museums and organizations; Matthias Harder who is a curator of Halmut Newton Foundation, Takeshi Sakurai who is a director of Contemporary Art Museum, Simon Baker who is a director of Maison Européenne de la Photographie.

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