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REFERENCE LIBRARY The Comprehensive Color Library for Graphics and Print SKU#: GPC305B



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Get access to the entire suite of color resourPre-orderces that Pantone® has to offer in this convenient and comprehensive color library. Easily browse, share, and compare any of the 8,482 spot, spot-to-process, process, and specialty spot colors featured in the Pantone Reference Library. Conveniently bundled into a streamlined, sturdy desktop display, this essential color library features the Pantone Formula Guide, Color Bridge Guide Set, CMYK Guide, Metallics Guide, Pastels & Neons Guide, Solid Chips Book, Pastels & Neons Chips Book, and Metallic Chips Book, printed in eight fan decks and four three-ring binders. The Reference Library brings together Pantone’s Graphics guides and solid chip books, providing a centralized, exhaustive resource for everything from color exploration and comparison to specification and quality control. Find inspiration for palette building, logo design and branding, marketing materials, digital and web graphics, and more.

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