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Red Atides : Art of War



Here's the artbook to the multiplayer strategy game Art of War: Red Tides from Chinese developer Game Science. The publisher is Waterpub.

This artbook is actually 4 paperback artbooks housed in slipcase. There's a 36-page book which is a guidebook with stats of characters and items in the game. The other three books features the concept art and are divided into Yaoguai (monsters), Terran and Atlac.

The concept art for the game is beautiful. The designs for the characters, creatures, mecha and robots look fantastic. The art kinda reminds me of art created for card games, maybe because the attributes of the characters are also included.

I love the loose digital painting style. Loose but you can still see the form and design of the characters so clearly. You don't really need to be a fan of the game to enjoy the art.

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