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Red Thread of Fate: A Colour-in Love Story

Red Thread of Fate: A Colour-in Love Story


In the Orient there is a belief that the gods, using an invisible red thread, connect every person with their destined 'other'. In Japanese legend, the thread is thought to be tied around the little finger of everyone on earth. According to this myth, the thread can travel everywhere, regardless of time, place and circumstances, until finding its other end. It is also said that the magical thread may be twisted or tangled but never broken. This book follows the myth and consists of four parts representing the four seasons: SPRING - the birth; SUMMER - the flourishing; AUTUMN - the experience; WINTER - the knowledge. On each illustration the invisible thread is hidden, weaving through nature, culture and the myths of traditional and contemporary Japanese life. You, the reader, needs to find and transform the invisible thread into the magical red one, while colouring the rest of the world it passes through using your imagination, and follow the red thread to find its destiny. Includes 6 pages of characters, icons, traditions and curiosities of Japanese arts and crafts.

Product details

  •  Paperback | 96 pages
  •  230 x 230 x 7.62mm | 408.23g
  •  Barcelona, Spain
  •  English
  •  Illustrated
  •  100 b&w illustrations
  •  8499369820
  •  9788499369822

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